Property Maintenance in Chcago

Most respected cleaning and restoration businesses that are operating today advertise and brag that their services are the best and that they are a “full service cleaning company”, however when you ask them for a bid on an industrial building as compared to a commercial building maintenance needs, most do not know the difference between  commercial and industrial and will usually offer the same services for each type unless their potential customers specifically ask for a certain maintenance service, product or specialty application.

The “run of the mill” cleaning and janitorial companies will lump both commercial and industrial service needs as one. You can tell by going to their web sites and blogs. Their advertisements and web pages and blogs will show all of the janitorial services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and business operations, but the commercial link will take you to the same link that the industrial services use. They might switch around the different types of services and what they can provide, but it’s all building maintenance and janitorial services and usually there isn’t much difference between the two. Industrial buildings are sometimes bigger and have more and larger processing equipment like large motors, heavy assembly lines, heavy HVAC maintenance, dirtier and sometimes greasy type of floors, stairways, and the employees might be more untidy than those you will find in your average commercial offices, retail outlets, or sales operations. Many industrial buildings are much larger than regular office buildings, like warehouses, or manufacturing operations, shipping and logistics, etc.

Here at Rainbow Cleaning and Restoration Service, we know the difference and have years of heavy experience working with owners and managers of industrial operations and industrial buildings and property.

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