Office Renovation & Remodeling in Chicago

Office Renovation can mean many different things to many different business owners and owners of commercial and industrial buildings.To most people, to speak of a renovation involving an office or warehouse, means to just knock out a wall and put something else there and finish it off sometime later down the line. This type of renovation can and is usually done by owners, or even employees that don’t have any experience or know-how on how to do construction work of any kind and leave the owners of the building in jeopardy with city codes and other legal forces.

Rainbow Cleaning and Restoration has much experience in the renovation and remodeling of all types of buildings including residential, commercial and industrial, retail and offices. Our crews are fully trained and certified in the use of proper tools and products needed to do any construction work, no matter the size. Rainbow Cleaning and Restoration takes great pride in the final outcome of any renovation project. Safety is also heavily emphasized and our crews take every precaution to protect equipment and people working in the renovated areas.

Rainbow Cleaning and Restoration has the know-how and experience in commercial and industrial building cleaning, maintenance and renovation to handle any job, big or small, and offers other professional services to enhance your buildings professional standing.

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