Office Cleaning and Maintenance in Chicago

Most businessmen and women agree that cleaning and maintaining a commercial or industrial building can be a very difficult task indeed. It is hard enough today to run the day to day operations of most businesses let alone having to worry and oversee janitorial services too.

Most office building owners hire professional commercial janitorial services to do the routine cleaning of their buildings. Today’s modern offices need routine sweeping, carpet vacuuming and cleaning when necessary, mopping, polishing, sealing, waxing, dusting and scrubbing everyday. Windows should be washed or cleaned daily. All of this can be an overwhelming task if it is not clearly defined and addressed properly in the contract signed with any outside cleaning company.

The goal for using an outside cleaning company service is to make sure that the entire office suite, or building that the business operation occupies, including all offices, store rooms, closets, lunchrooms, bathrooms and hallways are kept spotless and organized at all times.

The cleaning service should have the latest in tools and appliances that are available in the industry. The staff should be using only products that have been tested and approved by the cleaning and maintenance industry, and the staff should have been trained on modern and up to date cleaning techniques and procedures, including all safety standards. The outside service should supply local references to you upon request.

Rainbow Cleaning and Restoration has the know-how and experience in commercial and industrial building cleaning and maintenance to handle any job, big or small and offers other professional services to enhance your buildings professional standing. We are available 24/7 and service all of the greater Chicago areas.

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