Installing Drop Ceilings

Why would one want to install a suspended or drop ceiling? For many reasons, You may want to provide accessibility to plumbing in an older building. Or cover over what we now call “pop corn ceilings” or possibly finish a basement in a quick and effective manner. Suspended ceilings are a practical and cost effective way to complete any ceiling job.

Proper Cleaning of a Rest Room

We came across this great video on the proper way for the cleaning and maintenance of a public restroom. Watch and you will see that everything that is suggested in the video is done by our Chicago Janitors at Rainbow Cleaning Specialist, a full service cleaning and restoration company.

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How Does Steam Cleaning A Carpet Work?

carpet_small02SURPRISE!!! It is not actually stream cleaning but extremely hot water with a cleaning solution. The water is pumped from a truck which has heated the water to about 300+ degrees. But by the time the water passes through the high pressure steal braided hose and several manifolds, the heat is lost and the temperature for cleaning is some where around 120 to 150 degrees. we at rainbow cleaning specialist Inc are the experts in Chicago Janitorial and Carpet cleaning.
Here is a demonstration of Professional steam cleaning:

The typical cleaning method involves a preconditioning of the surface with an alkaline (7 or above on the pH Scale) agent, followed by light agitation with a grooming brush and appropriate dwell time. Next, the surface is passed over several times with a cleaning tool (either manual or automatic) to thoroughly rinse out the pre-conditioner and, using an acetic acid solution, lower the pH of the fibers to a neutral state. Finally, the surface is dried sufficiently to avoid any possibility of saturation.Hot-water-extraction-machines

Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago

If your family suffer from allergies, one of the the first things you should do is get on a regular cleaning and maintenance program with us for your HVAC Duct-other words your forced air and air conditioning unit.

We have trained technician who will  inspect and service your unit and the ducts. Below is an informative video on Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance, all part of the Chicago Janitor and Maintenance service we provide.

Chicago Professional Cleaning Experts on Call

Since 1998, Rainbow Cleaning Specialists, Inc., have been providing Chicago professional cleaning and restoration services to Chicago commercial, industrial and residential building owners.

When there is an emergency like a fire or flooded portion of a building and you need it cleaned up right away, call Rainbow Cleaning Specialists, Inc.
RAINBOWWe have the trained crews on call 24 hours a day to handle any clean ups on any type of building. Our crews are fully trained and certified, bonded and insured to get the job done fast. If remodeling or renovating is required we have the trained construction crews also. We can provide emergency power generators and other specialized tools if needed.

We do construction job site clean ups, house and apartment move in preparation, open house preparation and trash disposal. One call is all it takes.


Most people complain about having to keep a residence clean and maintained, let alone a big office building. At Rainbow Cleaning Specialists, Inc., we are pros when it comes to routine Janitor office cleaning and maintenance. bldg_maintnance_small02Most commercial office buildings require routine sweeping, carpet vacuuming and cleaning, mopping, polishing, sealing, waxing, dusting and scrubbing almost on a daily basis. Windows, mirrors should be cleaned daily. This includes the storerooms, closets, lunchrooms, hallways and restrooms. What ever cleaning company you choose to maintain your commercial building, they should have the latest in cleaning tools and only use the products that have been tested and approved for your particular applications. The crews should be trained and certified. They need to know how to use the tools properly and trained in how to use the tools  and cleaning products safely.

Chicago Office Renovation

Rainbow Cleaning Specialists, Inc., has the experience and know how to do any type of remodeling on any type of Chicago building whether it be  commercial, office, retail, warehouse, industrial, residential. 15446361-hand-of-business-man-or-architect-draw-architectural-home-plan

The first we do is look at the customer’s needs and then do everything with our power to fulfill those specific requirements. Here 4 marks to a effective work space:
1. Comfort for employees
2. Efficiency of needed tasks
3. Communication capabilities
4. Ease of maximum productivity

Our crews are fully trained and certified in the use of the proper tools and products needed to do any construction work, no matter the size. There’s more to doing remodeling and renovation than just sawing wood and hammering nails.

      • The plans need to be agreed upon,
      • Permits pulled according to city code,
      • Work has to be completed by a certain schedule and inspected and bought off by the building department.
      • All aspects of any construction project must be addressed properly and with haste to enable your staff and employees to go to work as soon as they are able.
      • Safety should always be looked at as #1 priority with remodeling projects.

Below is an example of a well planned project.

Chicago Textile Preservation

We at Rainbow do have a Textile Preservation Department. We will assist you in preserving those important Textile objects from your home or business. Lets watch an interesting video on the preservation methods.

When it comes to textile preservation, we do not think of the damage that is caused on items such as furniture, rugs or quilts that we have in our homes. Believe it or not it is often in the storing of such items that causes their demise. Light, temperature, and humidity are the key factors.

See the deterioration and discoloration because of poor storage on a crocheted linen collar circa 1920-30 Coutesty of Wikipedia

See the deterioration and discoloration because of poor storage on a crocheted linen collar circa 1920-30 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Light can have a variety of effects on textiles over time. In some cases, it may contribute to fading or discoloration.

Climate- Heat and humidity will contribute and a textile’s deterioration.

Proper circulation, combined with the suggested humidity, will help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which may stain or weaken antique textiles. This is a grave concern in areas that have a high humidity level as the norm.


roof tile pressure cleaningNo matter what type of floor you may have, we clean and service your floors according to the manufacturers specs and use only the products that they recommend. We use pressure cleaning for most floors. even on outside tile. On tile, the tiles and grout is cleaned completely. We clean the grout extracting all the soil and grease and then we seal both the tiles and grout to keep the entire surface clean and sparkling for as long as possible. For carpeting, we steam clean the carpet and make sure that the dirt and grime is removed all the way down to the flooring.

We clean VCT Tiles and Hardwood floors also. We have the most efficient floor cleaning and floor maintenance in Chicago. We do industrial, commercial and residential buildings. We are fast and have the right tools to do any floor cleaning and maintenance job.

The Top 5 Corners Being Cut By Office Cleaning Service

Is your company getting its money’s worth with your office cleaning service?  If you can relate to any of these issues, you aren’t. Listed below are the top five corners being cut. These shortcuts  can result in your discomfort and possibly even health issues.

  • Rushed Vacuum Jobs
    If the carpet under your desk isn’t as clean as the hallway, your cleaning company might be hastily vacuuming your floors just to get the job done.  Places that should be cleaned are under mats and other movable objects, such as trash bins, chairs, tables, etc.  As well, your carpet should be fully vacuumed to all edges and corners.  These tasks may take a little more time, but they show that your cleaning company practices good techniques and takes pride in the job they are doing.
  •  Lack of Dusting
    If you were to walk over to your window blinds and run your finger across the top of them, would you find dust? Chances are you will. One of the first signs of a cleaning service getting complacent is dust. Anywhere from on your shelves to in your air vents, dust can cause many issues with allergies and can slow down even the best of your employees.  A dust-free work environment is essential and can promote good health and productivity.
  •  Skipping Trash Bins
    If any trash cans are left even partially full it could lead to trash overflow that you may wind up dealing with on your own or have to let sit until your cleaning company’s next visit.  All trash containers should be completely emptied with every visit, regardless of whether its a personal trash bin or one that is more widely used (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, or comference areas).  Your company has more important things to worry about than the smell in the lunch room from the food some one tossed out earlier in the week or personal bins overflowing and causing litter around the office.  Having a place to put your trash should never be an inconvenience.
  • Neglected Bathroom(s)
    When you enter the bathroom, are you greeted with a pleasant smell?  Are you as comfortable using the bathroom at work as you are in your own home?  How does the bathroom look?  Are your toilets and sink drains working properly?  Using the restroom at work should not be an unpleasant experience. It is your janitorial company’s responsibility to be sure the restrooms are sanitary.  If they are not trained in up-to-date cleaning techniques, you may be suffering.  These issues mean you might be settling for a lower standard of clean in your facilities when you’re paying to get the job done correctly.
  • Lack of Supplies
    If you have ever found yourself without toilet paper in a stall or lacking soap or paper towels when you go to wash your hands, your cleaning company is slacking.  They should be refilling your dispensers with every visit, and if needed, leaving an extra roll of toilet paper on the back of the toilet or nearby assigned area to avoid the peril of being without the proper materials.  Even if they do not provide the materials, they should still fill dispensers and let you know if you are getting low on supplies.   Having what you need to take care of business will help reduce the length of a restroom visit and once again this contributes to productivity.

rainbowAt Rainbow we guarantee top quality cleaning and maintenance using our state of the art equipment and supplies by highly trained and bonded technicians.